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            10 intelligent solutions

            Shantui has built an intelligent construction platform for mining construction, road construction, port construction, quarrying and concrete construction and special working conditions, aiming at providing customers with the optimal intelligent and digital construction schemes and a leading intelligent construction provider in the world.
            What can you gain from intelligent construction?
            The intelligent construction schemes match equipment specification with quantity for the purpose of maximum utilization of resources, so as to reduce operation cost and improve construction efficiency. Besides, the construction platform integrating with intelligent networking facilities realizes visual, digital and delicacy management of construction process and quality at real time, which saves your efforts, time and cost.
            • Cutting short construction period by around 30%
              Cutting short construction period by around 30%
            • Reducing mechanical cost by around 29%
              Reducing mechanical cost by around 29%
            • Saving material by around 25%
              Saving material by around 25%
            • Reducing measurement cost by around 90%
              Reducing measurement cost by around 90%
            • Saving fuel by around 25%
              Saving fuel by around 25%
            Related intelligent construction schemes
            We provide you with a disruptive profit model, including a optimal product portfolio and supporting service and the best solutions to construction.
            Shantui guarantees your success
            Digital · Intelligent · Unmanned

            Scanning, surveying and mapping by UAV produce 3D visual and digital construction sites;

            Suggestion about construction schemes and required equipment are automatically generated based on comparison between conditions of digital construction site and construction target and information like construction period and existing equipment. Besides, it simulates construction in the system for operating path and earthwork construction of equipment in accordance with digital site conditions. Shantui intelligent construction service platform is connected to intelligent equipment like unmanned bulldozer, unmanned road roller, intelligent paver and self-leveling grader. 

            Platform-guided intelligent construction management;

            Monitor construction progress and quality at real time and send early warning, which move quality inspection forward and maximize construction quality and efficiency.

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