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            NETWORKS Financial Services
            Financial Services
            Financial Services

            Shantui provides customers with customized financial services in a convenient and professional way of financing including bank mortgage and financial leasing, and multiple solutions help customers’ career to soar. The business covers the whole series of Shantui products: bulldozers, road rollers, motor graders, loaders, excavators, pavers and milling machine etc.

            • Flexible payment method
              Flexible payment method
            • Reasonable ratio of down payment and security deposit
              Reasonable ratio of down payment and security deposit
            • Bank mortgage with low interest rate
              Bank mortgage with low interest rate
            • Financial leasing
              Financial leasing
            Financial Business
            Financial Business
            We provide professional and high-quality equipment financial services for the majority of construction machinery customers and offer customers with a full range of financial solutions by adhering to the core value of ‘Customer Satisfaction Oriented’.
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